Who is Hopper Elec?

I'm just a normal 15 year old boy from Newcastle Upon Tyne, England with a strong interest in full-stack programming. I mean, if I didn't have an interest in programming, you wouldn't be seeing this right now! I also enjoy watching YouTube videos and playing Minecraft.

What is hopperelec?

Yes, the missing space is intentional, there is a difference, though it usually doesn't matter. hopperelec is what I consider my brand. It's the name I put ontop of all my projects, because it's not just me that makes it happen. You'll often see me wording things I do under hopperelec as a collective 'we'. That's because I see it as a group project between me and pretty much all my friends. While most of hopperelec comes from me and is told from my perspective, it would be impossible for me to do it all on my own. Each of hopperelec's projects has it's own team of people with a deep interest in it that help make it come to life. That's what makes it different!

Why do I do what I do?

It sounds lame but it's as simple as me enjoying it. For me, when I get to finish a project, it's something I've made and can be proud of! While I do have a dream of being able to live off this sort of thing, currently I make absolutely nothing from it and quite a bit goes in. Some call it an investment, but to me it's just like buying a new game; to me, the potential reward is really not the reason I do it.

How did it start?

My personal history

Going way back to the beginning, it started with my dad's YouTube channel called 'Sir Fused' (formerly known as FusedTANGDREAM, but I unlisted all my videos). I have always been addicted to my intake of YouTube content, which inspired me to want to try it out for myself, and so I 'borrowed' the Sir Fused channel for a while. However, at one point I decided I wanted to start fresh and see where I could get on my own. That's where my second channel 'Mr. Electric 2' (the name coming from me trying to think of synonyms for the other channel at the time) was made. As I started going through puberty, though, I started to reflect on my old videos and wanted to seperate myself from it as I was becoming a new me. So, that's where my third and current channel started! However, it wasn't always 'Hopper Elec'. Sadly, I was quite naive, and having an interest in redstone at the time was originally going to call my new channel 'Redstone Daddy'. That already bad name was taken, though, so I decided on the even worse name 'Hopper Daddy'.

This was also around the time I grew an interest in programming, firstly through an event at the Sage Gateshead I attended and then through my discovery of Scratch. Once I became somewhat comfortable with Scratch, I decided I wanted to challenge myself with 'real code'. For some reason, my first language was actually batch, which was an awful decision on my part, but I didn't know any better and, either way, it did help me learn lots of the basic fundamentals of programming. I also started looking into web development, but not in the same way I am doing it right now, but instead through a website called Wix. Eventually, though, I finally discovered the language that remains my favourite to this day- Python! It was around this time that it hit me just how risque my current name was, too, and so it became what it is now- 'Hopper Elec'! I thought, and still do think, that it should be obvious that the 'Elec' is short for 'Electronics' but many people are confused by that to this day so... maybe I just taught you something!

My real breaking point was when I found this yearly summer break event called Makers & Creators by Tech for Life at Campus North (I'm the one kneeling down in the Five Nights at Freddy's shirt!). A bit of a long name, but for a few years I went there and I loved it! Sadly, they did decide to abandon the project, though. I also attended a weekly code club at Newcastle library, but I stopped going because my old laptop required a network adapter and the one I had broke meaning I couldn't really use it there anymore. Ever since, I've been constantly developing my skills in Python, and at some point I started learning HTML/CSS/JS with Eitan3128 and SmilerRyan where I made my first website. Here was where the idea for RVG came. It is also when I started planning mc.hopperelec.co.uk (now called StockBlock). I then started learning Java to make my own Minecraft plugins, and though I originally tried learning the Bukkit API first without any prior Java knowledge which is highly unreccomended, I eventually got the hang of it.