FAQ about Cameron

As with most FAQs, I've never actually been asked just about any of these questions.
I was going to call this page 'Summary', but there's not a very good/effective visual representation (icon) for that.
If you think of a better name for this page, please contact me.

What are your pronouns?
What is your gender?
What is your sexuality?
What can I call you?
What is your birthday?
How old are you?
Where are you from?
I keep all these up-to-date on my pronouns.page
What are your hobbies?
I spend 90% of my free time either watching YouTube or coding.
I use a tool called Wakatime to track my time spent using an IDE (coding), and you can see some interesting charts for this here.
I'm thinking about a career in system administration, IT management, full stack web development or penetration testing.
What is your education?
GCSE results (Summer 2022):
  • Computer Science (8)
  • Higher Maths (9)
  • Business Studies (6)
  • Chemistry (8)
  • Physics (8)
  • Biology (7)
  • English Language (5)
  • English Literature (6)
  • Geography (7)
I am also currently preparing for A Levels in Computer Science, Business Studies and Maths. I will have these results in Summer 2024.
What other achievements have you made?
  • All but two (as of 10/10/23) of the badges available on iDEA, achieving their bronze award, badge champion, silver award and silver star.
    You can find my Record of Achievement for this here.
  • Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) award
  • Completed both weeks of NCS